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Mt Samson, Queensland, Australia ~ 1st February 2014

Prepared by: Kay McCullock ND - Cofounder of C.D.R.G. (Australia)

Overall Summary of the Event:
The location we utilise at Mount Samson has been a sanctuary for 30 years plus. It is regularly used by C.D.R.G. (Australia) and also for other groups (locally, nationally and internationally) doing many types of spiritual gatherings – it is a very sacred space.

Participants began arriving at 5pm for registration. We had 60 people RSVP and 49 actually participated. C.D.R.G. (Australia) and three smaller groups - whom I am helping to train up and guide in becoming their own CE-5 Groups were also participating; so it was so wonderful and a step in a new direction for independent groups coming together and supporting each other in one gathering.  We all gathered to go over protocols, safety and to summaries the outline of the evening whilst having dinner.

At 6pm we proceeded as a group to the CE-5 Working Area. It’s the biggest circle I have facilitated yet (doing CE-5 work). Everyone seated quickly. The synergistic and harmony of the group was beautiful.

It was still quite light so we set up the Earth Ceremony Sacred Space. I began the Earth / Welcoming Ceremony by playing one of the Tibetan bowls whilst walking around the circle (in and out) raising the loving energy and acknowledging the Elements, Elementals and Ancestors of the Land; and then I read three different Prayers (one for Earth and Ancestors Welcoming; Galactic Prayer) and then a Universal Prayer; followed by the meditations by Dr Greer.

There were only about 10 visible satellites that we would see that night; everything else was not a satellite!  There were many objects and light-craft seen. From looking at people’s photos it appears the cameras picked up more than our naked eyes or even in our meditations. There were also some amazing Orbs photographed too.

You could feel us all working as a very tight-knit group. There was lots of activity on all levels, especially locally.

I personally noticed (like quite a few others):

Dome Craft – To the NW - I thought at first I was seeing the glow of moonlight on the very top canopy of trees – but of course there was no moonlight, being new moon. Upon looking closer with my monocular, the lit tree canopies were in-fact dome shaped. Not completely white, more of a faded or diffused white light. At arms length they would have been 6 to 7 cm apart and way over on the next ridge which is about 3 kilometers away.

Solid Yellow-Orange Orb – from the SE – a solid yellow-orange glowing orb moved at a steady pace into the circle not more than a few meters away from me and at about 6 to 7 ft from ground level. Before I could say “don’t shine your lasers towards this” some people shone their lasers on to it (to my surprise) and it disappeared. It was either an orb, or ET Being or we just sent a firefly to firefly heaven! I don’t believe it was a firefly as they usually travel in groups, not as a single firefly.

Tall Dark Being – from N to the centre of the Earth Ceremony Sacred Space – I came out of meditation and had the urge to look to the north of the circle. There was dappled light coming through the trees from the registration area. I felt a strong ET presents (Arcturian) – and a very tall (7 to 8 ft tall) silhouette walked from right to left – blocking out the dappled light. I could see the ET moving towards the circle and then nothing. I telepathically welcomed the ET and projected love. Then we could hear movement in that same area and people on the opposite side of the circle then witnessed the same ET standing near the Puja Table.

During the short break:

Yowies - Some of us moved to the north of the circle and proceeded to call upon the native Yowie (similar to a yeti – but friendlier!) There is a certain call you do to attract them. The Yowie has a connection with ET Contact in local lore / mythology – this is why we did it. They response to you by tapping or banging on a tree and sometimes they will throw a rock near you (not at you). Some of us heard the banging on the tree – it was exciting and a bit humorous. 

ETs, Lights in the Forest Past and Present – more people came to were we were; One of the other smaller groups photographers and others were there and I shared a previous event that happened back in 2009 when C.D.R.G. (Australia) had one of their first public events at Mount Samson. The event was that we saw small lights (6 of them) floating through the forest (to the west of us – just near us) and that we could see that these lights were attached to beings (ETs). The way they were moving was incredible and in no way could a human move like that. The other thing is that there was no sound of crunching sticks and twigs of the undergrowth. Upon looking at the same area in the day time, the terrain was quite rugged. (I have experienced similar in other forested areas that are used as sacred sites.)

Present … So about 15 minutes after that we were listening to an Om meditation, and then those same ‘Light ETs’ appeared. Interesting how I just mentioned them and then they appear! This time much closer and with different coloured lights. No one was using lasers etc. A participant called out to me to say he was going to check it out and another participant moved closer with his camera. More and more participants began to see this and a bit of excitement began. We unfortunately turned off the meditation background CD (which I think was helping to attract them). The more seasoned participants stayed in meditation and CTS. I asked everyone to stay seated and continue meditation and CTS. Some of us moved closer to have a look, and it was like a string of pearls cascading down through the forest, then they changed to what is seen on the photographs as what I can see is one definite ET figure with green eyes (I feel it is a Mantis ET).

Everyone became seated again, photographing, meditating and CTS-ing. The lights just vanished and soon after so did the Dome Craft. I feel it was a very successful night for physical ET Contact.

We ended with a closing prayer by Lauren and proceeded back to the registration area to come back to normal and debrief.

Location Evaluation – I am quite familiar with the area. I did phone the owners of the property to find out if we would have been looking at house or property light. She said that the neighbouring property does have lamas, but they don’t go into the forest. And that those neighbours are elderly and wouldn’t be out and about at night. She also said you would have to stand on the roof of the registration building (back up the hill to the east) to maybe see their house. The neighbours house is up very high and back from the edge of the ridge.

I also looked at a Google map and upon looking it is a huge nature strip of forest – very thick and dense. The line of site we had to where we witnessed the ‘Light ETs’ and to where the neighbours dwelling is, concludes to me that we witnessed ETs.  That’s very exciting!!

Kay’s Final Thoughts – I truly feel and know that the reason we had such great physical ET Contact activity (in many forms) occurred because we – many groups and participants joined together in real and truthful community within the greater community of CE-5 Work / ET Contact Movement.


Prepared by: Ben (Participant)
7:30pm - Black square shadow appeared in sky looking south.
8:00pm - White glow on top of mountain north.Felt tingling sensation through body during meditation. Michael pointed to two white lights to the north; saw light in bush moving southwest direction.
9:30pm – 10pm - Saw light again when group saw it (bush lights).

Prepared by: Michael (Participant)
7:30pm - Looked up to the sky towards south saw a large black see-through object in shape. Moved in a east west direction. Not sure if my eyes were just a blur reaction. I asked Ben and Dylan and Cory if they saw the rectangular object. Ben said he saw it. I had a feeling I was looking into the eyes of something, then my left ear had a pressure change and I thought I heard my name and not sure but also the word thank you. Audible in my left ear, just said the once. I saw white lights in the northwest direction, I pointed out to Ben, I saw two lights very bright then moving in a southwest direction. Lights were bouncing off trees etc. I took same photos and maybe some orbs.

Prepared by: Cory (Participant)
I was meditating to the sound of Dr Greer’s narration when I had a feeling to look up I saw an amazing amount of stars. The likes of which I have never seen before and saw something flare up like a match being lit. The ball of light shrunk and moved along in the sky a few more seconds before completely fading out. Dylan had an urge to start taking photos of bushes behind us (north) one of the photos showed an orange orb. Dylan told me he felt a presence about 20 seconds later we looked to the bushes to the northwest and saw what looked like lights or looked like 3 people with flashlights moving through the greenery to me. At the end of the night we looked at a photo that was taken in the direction of the lights and saw they were actually “Greys” with what looked like light bulbs for eyes. I believe the light I thought was flash lights was actually coming from their eyes. But I still don’t know if that’s what I saw.

Prepared by: Dylan (Participant)
While doing the group meditation I could feel a presence within the circle.  Not sure if over thinking or actual ET presence; had mental images of a humanoid figure. When taking photos I got a few orbs in the photos. I heard noises in the bushes. Saw lights - not sure what it was in the northwest direction. I’m sure someone got photos. Overall the night was a great, felt a lot of energy within the group, and personally didn’t see any physical ETs or ETVs.

Prepared by: Tim and Debbie (Participants)
Hi Kay thanks for a great night. I would like to share this photo with the group the bright star is Jupiter and the green object? I thought at first it may be one of the lasers we were using but this is a 15 second shot if it was the laser you should be able to see the full laser beam.

Prepared by: Ian and Jenni (Participants)
Two satellites were seen going North West and one seen going South East. There was a clear little light moving across the circle from South West, stopped and disappeared when there was excitement from the group. Possible firefly. Jenni saw three (pencil light) craft seen through her binoculars, they were moving in a Northerly direction.

After the break:- Heard dog barking and there was a sweet scent in the air.

During the Om mediation, Ian and I could hear noises in the bush below the group (coming from the North)

Initially, Jenni saw a group of lights in no particular shape in the bush below the group NW, then the lights became a string of horizontal lights and these lights were then joined by orange lights that were perpendicular to the white lights, and these lights were then joined by more white lights. All these lights were a few meters off the ground.

Initially, Ian saw a string of pearls in the bush North West of the group (4 meters off the ground)

Opposite us, in a westerly direction, Jenni described as a "string of pearls" very close to the group in the bush behind the circle. Ian saw green and white lights in the same westerly direction. But as soon as the mediation was stopped, the lights close to the group went out. There was noises coming from the bush North West of the group (possibly the young photographer).

Thank you for a wonderful night under the stars. Regards Jenni and Ian

PS: Kay I can't help but think we should use less invasive equipment to record our sightings. The beings certainly did love the mediations, and so did we.
(My Reply to Jenni and Ian - "Yes, I agree!")

Prepared by: Tim (Participant)
Orb close by. Various satellites. Towards end – low lights. Photos taken by others showed ETs?

Prepared by: Clint (Participant)
Felt very easy to slip into meditation and could feel the energy and oneness of the group.  At different times when the sky was clear I saw two small flashes in the sky.After a meditation and I walked north to the edge of the bushes where other people said they felt ET presence. I felt shivers going through my body for a few minutes straight. Also I felt a sense of remote viewing of myself.  I could see images in my head of myself as if someone was looking at me.Possibly saw an orange orb delicately floating through the middle of the circle. In my peripheral vision during meditation (last meditation) I could see a light glowing above the trees without moving.  When I properly looked there it was not there.

***  End of Reports ***

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