Tuesday, January 7, 2014

A Message From Sirius Disclosure For Those That May Not Have Received Their Hard Copy DVD Yet:

If you are a Crowd Funder of the movie (or not) and haven't received your hard copy DVD yet and were suppose to, please reply to Sirius Disclosure. See comment from Sirius Disclosure below:


We are so sorry that you have not yet received your incentive DVD. Our apologies.

Please write to info@SiriusDisclosure.com and let us know the following:

1.       The name and e-mail under which you contributed or send your receipt.

2.       Did you send the additional postage that was mentioned in the original request for contributions?

3.       If you have not sent the postage please send $12US to the energy donate button at www.SiriusDisclosure.com

4.       Please let us know the best address to send the DVD to.

5.       Do you want PAL format or NTSC?

Thanks again for your support and again, our apologies for the delay.  We thought all of the incentive DVDs went out in June.  We are finding that was not the case and they either never went out because we did not have a current address or the postage or were lost by the postal service.  We will get it out to you as soon as we can. Please note it can take 4-6 weeks from the US to Australia (and that’s air mail!).


Some people haven't received it and I am in contact with Sirius Disclosure and Yekra (the distribution company) working out why. We’ll do our best to sort this out for anyone in Australia ... will keep you updated.

Kay McCullock ND
Cofounder / Coordinator ~ C.D.R.G. Australia

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