Sunday, August 25, 2013

Request To Those Who Participated In The 2 Day Intensive with Dr Greer (17th & 18th August 2013)

Greetings Fellow CE-5'ers !!

I would have posted this earlier but have had the flu and didnt feel like looking at the computer....but Enuf about me :)

If you were one of the 97 Participants at the 2 Day intensive with Dr Greer (17th & 18th August 2013), I would like you to do the following (but only if you want to) ... please write up a 'Field Report' of YOUR OWN PERSONAL EXPERIENCE during the outside evening field training - 8pm to 12:30ish am on 17th and 18th or just for the 18th (if you only participate that one night).  I would like you to email your experiences to me at  If you could put the following info on there:

Your Name
Physical or Mailing Address (I need at least State)
Mobile Number
Email Address
Which Evenings You Participated
If You Wish For Your Full Name To Go On The Report after it is compiled.
Any Photos You Took.

I will compile all the reports as one large coherent report and send it off to Dr Greer.

Also, if you do have photos, somehow put your name at the bottom on the photo - i.e. copyright (name, date).

If you have sent personal emails to me, I will be answering them as soon as able. You will also get an email from me with this same info.

Any questions, you know how to contact me.

One Universe One People

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